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Why a Sports Massage Therapist??

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I wanted to write a little blog about who I am and why I love my work!

All my life I have wanted to help people, but often fell into jobs that meant I could pay the bills, rather than fulfil my passion of helping people. About 3 years ago I was given the opportunity to attend a Sports Massage Course, to compliment the work I was doing at a local gym. I jumped at the chance and after an intensive course, I was qualified and started helping family and friends were I could alongside my other jobs and hobbies. Not long after that I fell pregnant with my little girl and became quite ill when carrying her, meaning I couldn’t move well and therefore had to have a break from everything.

Amelia is now almost 2 years old and after returning to my career at a big bank from maternity leave, I was told I would be made redundant. After doing some soul searching I came back to my passion to help people and wanted to start my Sports Massage Therapy business again, as I feel this is the best way I can help people, by reducing their pain.

I really love to help reduce peoples pain, stress, anxiety and help them feel more human again. Get them back on track in life, sport, training, or whatever they want to feel better doing. Life can be hard, but I want to be that person that supports people and gets them back on their feet.

Hope that gives you a little insight to how I started doing Sports Massage Therapy.

Thanks for reading 😀

Massage Mersea Island
Massage Mersea Island

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