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Starting the Day & Ending the Day Right

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

There are a few things that I have started to do in the last few months, which have really helped my mental health. We don’t really talk about mental health much, sometimes shy away from it as something we don’t like to talk about, it can be confusing and scary. But mental health is just as important to your wellbeing as how your body feels!

I like to think of these practices as my anchors at the start and the end of the day. They are things that make me feel ready to take on the day, positively and in the right mind set. And to end the day feeling grateful and allow me to reflect on the day.

Start your Day… With positive thinking and ask yourself 2-3 questions, similar to the below (switch them up each day, google new ones, so you don’t get bored asking yourself the same questions): - What are you looking forward to today? - What is your greatest strength? - What am I most happy about in my life? - What am I most proud of in my life? - What makes you smile?

End your Day… With reflective or gratitude questions, again ask yourself 2-3 questions, similar to the below (again switch them about, as above on the start the day questions): - What was successful today? - What did I learn today? Generally and/or about myself? - What relationships am I thankful for? - What made you smile or laugh today? - What is the most beautiful thing you saw today? - Who made a positive difference in your life recently?

These are just little things, you can add into your day – they take no time in the scheme of things and when you write them down, it reinforces their effect on your mind. I like to keep a notepad by my bed, so I can write them down each morning and evening. This reminds me to do it and I can flick through the notepad to remind myself of the positive and grateful things in my life.

Take 15 minutes Another thing I have found useful recently, is taking 15 minutes in the evening (usually after dinner), to write down all the tasks I have on my mind. Whether that be work related or personal, I write them all down on a pad. This action of writing them down, helps you take them out of your head and allow you to relax – especially preparing you for sleep. I also write down the things that are worrying me, again the action of writing them down helps your brain to figure them out.

Try one or try them all, I know they help me, so I’m sure they will help you.

Thanks for reading

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