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Sore Back...

After a busy week, I’ve got to Sunday and have a sore back. One thing that we all forget to do is listen to our bodies, ignore pain and think it will just go away. The best thing to do is prevention (move often, eat well and looks after yourself), however even when we do all these things pain can still occur!

This is what I’ll be doing today to help reduce pain in my back and recover quicker;

- Keep moving; I’m not going to just stop, gentle movement can help keep your muscles from becoming stiff. - Stretch; Preform 5 stretches to keep my hips moving and stretch out my lower back. - Ice; I know I am inflamed in the area of pain. So I ice the place of pain 10 mins at a time (only 10 mins, to prevent burn). - Ibuprofen; I take this anti inflammatory every 4 hours, allow it to build in my system. I will probably continue to take this for the next few days to help me recover.

This is what I’ve done for myself, you may be different (we are all different). If you need any advice get in touch.

*photo of my lovely dog, who always keeps me moving!

Mersea Island. Sports Massage. Massage.
Jasper walk on Mersea

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