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Posture is something we all know is key, and yet most people stand, sit or carry things (bags), which effect and alter their posture. Sometimes this can cause pain throughout the body and it isn’t always in the obvious places like shoulders.

Having incorrect posture will put pressure on all areas of your body. If you carry a heavy bag on your right shoulder, you will be pulling yourself down on that side. Our bodies are clever and will try to compensate, which could result in strain and pressure on your left and right side. It can also travel down your body to your hips and legs, all the time your body is trying to keep you going. It doesn’t like to give in and will push your joints and muscles to cope.

Over time this can heavily impact your body and result in pain or discomfort. We can do things to help, go to the gym and build up the muscles to make you strong, stretching to keep you flexible and mobile, eat the right things so that the body can cope with what we ask of it, but you can also get a massage. A sports massage is best for this, as is a targeted treatment, which is designed specifically for your need, along with a specific plan to help you recovery and reduce your pain.

Mersea Sports Massage Posture
Bad Posture

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