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Post Sport Massage To Do's...

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

It is important to follow some simple steps following a Sports Massage, to make sure that your body can continue to recover and the good things the massage has done for your body.

💦 Drink Water: Massage increases the circulation of both blood and the lymphatic system, your blood needs water in it to keep it moving, taking oxygen to your muscles, organs and other tissues. Water is also needed to transport waste out of the body. Your lymphatic system maintains your immune system, by removing toxins, using water. In order to move and flex your muscles you need water, if your body is dehydrated your muscles will be deprived of electrolytes and cramp, you will feel sluggish and possibly dizzy. After a massage if you don’t drink water, you kind of undo all the great work done during the session, so make sure you drink more than your normal intake, to help you feel awesome!

🙆🏼‍♀️Stretch: During or after your session you will be advised of stretches or movements which will not only increase recover, but help the ailments discussed during your consultation and session. Stretching is something EVERYONE should do, unfortunately so many of us don’t and make our bodies struggle with every day life.

🛋Rest / Listen to your Body: This is something that most people don’t do and they should. Our bodies are clever amazing things and sometimes they try to tell us when we need to stop. Quite often we ignore them, or aren’t listening in the first place. My advice is listen, stop if you are in pain, change what you are doing or stop it altogether. Then get advice, don’t just carry on hurting yourself, seek expert help.

🛁 Have a Bath: To help you and your muscles relax, have a bath, mentally and physically this will do you wonders. If you have them or can get them add Epsom Salts, which are good for reducing muscles soreness.

If you'd like any more information, get in touch.

Massage in Mersea Island
Massage in Mersea Island

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