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Desk Jobs

I worked for 15 years at a bank, I used to work incredibly long hours, with very little breaks (if any) and a lack of movement would leave me stiff and unable to move well. My shoulders would be hunched forward and aching, my mid to low back would be stiff and painful. My hips would take a while to get moving and my legs almost felt like they didn’t want to work properly.

As part of my training I was told how to set up my desk, how to lay out my computer, sit in my chair and encouraged to take regular breaks. But somehow this didn’t always happen, the job took over with long conference calls, or back to back telephone meetings. Or deadlines that just wouldn’t allow you 2 seconds to take a break. I know this sounds familiar to most of you, and if you don’t do an office job and stand up all day in a cafe, pub, teaching, or other job. I know you will have similar problems.

In this day and age, we aren’t able to take the breaks we need in our jobs, not when our bodies need them and this leads to stiff, achy painful muscles and joints.

I keep going on about stretching, but it really is key to keep moving, you can stretch when on a conference call, a meeting or standing up at work. You can eat the right things to keep your body fuelled correctly, you can exercise and keep your body strong. But sometimes there is still that missing element to keeping you moving….you guessed it…..a massage. I often book in maintenance massages with my clients, after I’ve helped 'help' their painful shoulders/back/etc. To keep them moving and feeling well.

Mersea Massage
Desk Jobs

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