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Are You Stressed??

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Most people that come into my clinic are stressed, life can throw things at us and we are just meant to cope. Stress can accumulate in people differently, however the majority of us have a build up of tension appear in our shoulders and neck. This can lead to headaches, stiffness and a general feeling that you aren’t right.

Sports Massage can help you. But you can also do things yourself that will help you reduce the tension in your shoulders and neck, here are my top tips.

- Roll your shoulders: Do this throughout the day, make a conscious effort to do this, I even put a reminder in my phone to remind me. Roll them 10 ways back and then forwards. - Raise your shoulders to your ears and back down: Often you can feel like there isn’t much of a gap between your ears and your shoulders, especially if they are tense. Doing this will help you keep those shoulders down. - Move your head: It may seem simple, but simply moving your head and neck can help. Look up, look to each side and rotate the head (not further than feels comfortable). Do this throughout the day will help keep the neck from feeling stiff.

If you’d like any further help, please let me know.

‘No reason for this photo, other than I like it 😊’

Massage in Mersea Island
Massage in Mersea Island

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